Flower of Life – 1

I added Tibetan Skulls, they are not that scary but they do have deep meaning.  Iconographic art is a pretty picture unless you have a key to decipher the meaning. You’ve heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? A picture can go where words cannot.

The paper is very lightweight watercolor, I think I will use color pencils on this one. I don’t know what colors I am going to use or the effect I want. I am going to put this piece up and stare at it for a time while I finish on 3 other projects that are almost done.

Single skulls appear in various forms and functions in Tibetan iconography. For example a skull-lamp, which burnes human fat, with its tongue burning as a wick, would be described as a purification symbol. The body (skull) is purified by the flames, as are speech (tongue) and mind (fat).

Vajrayana Buddhism
Vajrayana Buddhism



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