I’ve given into my OCD on detail with this picture.  I slipped into an alternative timeline for the last couple days and almost didn’t find my way back! I my slipping away on the water, it has more dimension than I thought. Didn’t work on any art at all, I did a lot of reading instead.

I like watercolor pencil but still prefer the brush. I am sure this preference has to do with familiarity. I will continue to work with watercolor pencil and make it my best friend.

I have three more layers to go on background and foam. The water and foam look really flat, the extra layers will give depth. I am so glad when I finish a painting. I never want to look at it again! They never turn out as I see them in my mind’s eye. I am always disappointed in my work, but also thrilled I continued on even though I never want to finish anything I start.

Water horse


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