One Drawing A Day 10

Faber Castell Color Pencils don’t layer very well. However, it’s been years since I worked with pencils seriously. I have only used Prismacolor pencils and they seemed softer, blended and layered easily. I need to buy some ASAP!!! This little study was fun.

Foxy Lady
Foxy Lady

7 thoughts on “One Drawing A Day 10

    1. This was a 12 pencil grouping sent to me by my daughter. I have all the primary colors and some secondary. I used black in this picture, however I hardly use black or white in my work. It muddies up the color quality. I can make all the colors if I have certain primary colors. I found some great articles online about mixing colors with paints. I can do the same thing with Prismacolor pencils too. Do you want me to write an article about this subject and share the links I found?

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      1. I’m sure it could be helpful to more than just me! But for the moment, i’m already learning multiple media in the same time so it might be a while before i get to the colorpencils. But i’ll appreciate reading it anyway!

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      2. You can save the links and get an idea what kind of books to buy for study projects. I like to plan what I’m going to do a couple months in advance. I’m autodidact, taught myself to draw when I was very young and took art classes in my 40s. I really like taking classes, it’s a blast and pushes you to do your best. It’s kind of like working out in a gym next to some power runners and lifters. You want to keep up so you push your self in a class full of talented artists.

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