Finished off the quick pencil drawing study.  Sean you no longer look like an old man.


Finished Drawing Of The Day -1

25 thoughts on “Sean

    1. He is my grandson, he has an old wise persons personality at nine years old. I caught the nuance a bit too much and had to bring him back to his physical youthful appearance. He wants to look his age 😉


      1. I think most kids lately seem to exhibit that old person/ahead-of-their-time mentality provided the kid is well-attended. Kids left to fend for themselves might not fair as well or seem as keen.

        Of course, astrology and the choice of names could play a part, too.


      2. I have heard old ones are coming, he may be one of them. He has a steady thoughtful nature. Sensitive as well, he is well attended. Many, many well armed guardians (military family). It’ll be interesting what gifts he brings to share. Hopefully he will be left to run freely as well, that is very important.


      3. Where have you heard this of old ones? I have had people say the same of me in both my youth and recent years. I think it just goes around like the flu:)

        Well, let’s see…he’s 9 now? He could be a rooster year. I am not sure if a rooster year is particularly thoughtful, but perhaps he is strongly Capricorn or Aquarius if an intellectual/wise person or Gemini or Libra if he is more social/civil.

        I was a bit overly attended by one person in my life and not allowed to run too freely. I think that backfired, and I became rather reluctant to take chances/try new things. I’ve been called smart much of my life, but many days I can’t be sure what good my smarts are.


      4. We are all old ones I guess. I’ve been reading about epigenetics and how what we do and our environment is passed onto our offspring, our experiences do effect our genetic code. Maybe that’s something like karma, you know cause and effect…If you have been around kids they are not born a clean slate. There are little kids that are born wise and spiritual, some are as wild as a March (edit) HARE, others kind and gentle. They are just like those who are born with other talents like math, music, art, war, chaos…Many don’t get to share their gifts, maybe that’s why there are so many depressed and drug addicted people…I may never know the answers to all these questions but I do think about such things a lot.

        It’s really important to be free to fall down and get up on your own. It’s easier to fall down when you don’t have that far to fall. hahaha kids are have a shorter way to fall!

        Well, we must define smarts…there are lots of different kinds of smart asses, I mean intellect…I don’t follow astrology that much ❤


      5. Is hair different in March?:) Mine gets wild because it’s thin:P

        Oh, a March HARE. You have a lil Lewis Carroll flowing through ya.

        Chaos is a talent? I suppose if we’re talking offspring of Greek gods.

        I think the depressed are partly the result of too much bad news and nice people caving under the weight of the careless. And, the drug addicted are those who took that escape route from reality versus suffering or hurting themselves with a weapon.

        I used to see the world as a sunny place of potential. Now, it seems like there’s far more crap going around, and all the happy people make me cynical and suspicious:P I should be nurturing the seeds and wishing for more sunflowers.

        I think those who are alone too much think more than necessary. Perhaps, had Adam and Eve kept more busy they would not have been restless enough to fetch that pesky apple.

        Well, every time I fell, I was reminded of why it’s bad to fall or get hurt. And, many times I was spared from getting hurt or made to fear getting hurt when I could have learned something. So, I stopped trying to learn and try things. I became more of a quitter. And, yet, when I DID want to try or had accidents later on, I was treated like the boy who cried wolf. The straw of trust in my family was swiftly broken. Out went love and in came criticism, bitter silence and doubt.

        I sure hope I wasn’t thought of as a smart ass when people said I was smart. I suppose that would make sense, though, old people hearing a kid jabber on and just say he’s smart to shut him up. But, I am pretty sure I was the quiet one in my family, always observing before speaking. Now, because I was so quiet, I shoot my mouth off before thinking, sometimes. And, it rarely ends well.


      6. I hate writing, always have. So I have avoided learning it’s rules most of my life, and get careless when I am busy or tired. I try to be careful, but when I am working on art, communication in written and spoken word gets difficult. I just hate writing and talking, feels like I am wadding through mud sometimes. That’s why I am here to let go of that. Oh it’s so awful to try and squeeze something so big into these little symbols…nothing fits! Let me read what you have written and I will respond before my batteries run out.


      7. I didn’t have a choice. My English teachers and parents beat it into me like Asian kids are often pushed to take up piano or medical school. So, I am a bit of a “grammar Nazi.” Yet, the further I get from my school days, the more confused I get. I have read articles and books that don’t make sense. How are they best sellers and published with what I see as “errors”?

        I bet plenty online are careless writers:) Many using tablets and phone screens too small to give a damn. Yet, so many seem intent on blogging or tweeting daily as if their life depended upon it. Isn’t it funny all the people who probably hated homework give themselves more by forcing themselves to post something online for all to see their underwear?

        That mud feeling I get when I have to defend myself/my opinion…and that happens too often (especially with family and bosses). It’s like living in court. “Your honor, I object! What? Okay, well, you better sit down, we’re gonna be here a few hours while I try to make you understand my way of thinking.”

        I bet we both could rest our eyes a bit, ay?

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      8. hahaha you got my smart ass joke! I was just teasing, I don’t really know you well enough to tease, but I have a mean streak. That is why I practice Gotama Buddha’s Dharma. Hopefully someday, I will become a nice person. Those paramitas are a perfect antidote for a meanie like me.

        I think there are two kinds of intellect, the corrupted and the wise, maybe there are shades of gray for most of us.

        That bitter silence is a death sentence to just about everything that is good in a person’s heart. Sorry to hear that, I suffered the same way growing up. Keep your head down and your feet ready to run. I had an out though, Nature! Get on a horse and head for the woods, free and wild as a March HARE!

        So lets define smarts, that is intelligence. I think intelligence is the ability to gather data, adapt to a changing environment through using data wisely. I don’t know if empathy, compassion or love have anything to do with smarts or wisdom. Let me think… There are two kinds of wisdom I reckon, one that sees all things pass away and become other things and the other is the ability to use acquired knowledge correctly. What does correctly mean? I think it may have something to do with sustainability, maybe that is where wise love, kindness, empathy come into play.

        I have to go to bed, my battery is almost out. I loved talking with you ❤


      9. That’s part of the problem of text without face time. The uncertainty of feeling delivered and received. For years, I denied the problem, trying to be optimistic like some chat room pioneer. But, it’s still there.

        ‘Mean streak in what way? You enjoy irking people?

        You mean there’s a cruel Buddha?

        If only it were that easy to hop a horse:( I have dreamed of having the land to keep a pair of horses for me and my (whoever she might be or have been) bride. But, that seems like a hoop/pipe dream, now. I may have to settle for a horse I make out of paper mache or a painting on my wall…before someone tells me to take that down because they didn’t authorize it.

        I try to take hikes among the trees as much as I can. I even hugged a tree and cried once not long ago.

        Well, I like to consider myself adaptable like the hare…but I feel like I am spinning my tires. Again, for all my assets, there still seems like plenty of crap in my way.

        There is such a thing as emotional intelligence, I’ve been told. And, I like to think I have that. But, you might doubt it some days when my words come out with barbs I did not intend. I don’t intend harm unless I am harmed first. But, I suppose, sometimes, jealousy makes me subconsciously “ugly.”

        Me too. My brain is still okay. But, my “monitors” are fried.

        Likewise 🙂 Feel free to start a discussion in the Chat Cafe anytime. I’ll indulge ya.


      1. Now, I am age-confused… I look at NE’s pics and can’t believe she’s the age she says she is. Then, I think of my own mug and can’t believe I am the age I am. And, I dunno what to guess for Ms. Red here. I am confuzzled.

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      2. Dirt old:P Like some women, I keep my age off the table until the only ears/eyes are me and those that matter. In this case, there’s a huge crowd of faceless spectators and no way of telling how my voice travels. But, I don’t mind as much discussing these things privately. 🙂

        It feels weird/wrong to say I can’t believe she’s in her 30s because it could be taken either well or badly. That’s modern etiquette for ya:P

        It’s hard to see from the tiny avatar pic if 50s is a stretch for you, Red:)

        Yay, a pretty family. But, I am the estranged anti-tattoo black sheep with lousy hair.

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      3. I don’t have any tattoos either, just haven’t had enough interest in getting them. But I love the art. My daughter and I both (if I remember correctly, she may kill me), don’t mind sharing our age. But we don’t talk about our weight…hahaha! I’ve got the Scottish hair going on…uck, curly, wild and crazy. You can see that in my self portrait.

        This is just between you and me and a few wordpress friends and some googlish searches. My daughter is into tattoos, she has some amazing originals posted on her blog. I got teased about my body image as a kid so I am shy about that.

        However, I try and fight this social conditioning including owning my age. I’m transitioning into the old crazy crone. Part of my Scratch Living blog is about aging well through exercise, learning new things, and proper nutrition.

        I must come over to your page and have a chat with you. I will come over this week.


      4. I’ve perpetually been a “temporary” guy though I count on some things being permanent…which may be my folly, too.

        I’ve already said enough about tattoos and probably have a post on the matter somewhere here. So, I’ll leave it at that but say that some are not all bad. I’ve seem some pretty ones. But, I’m fickle. Yet, I have no business making any judgements here. So, on that matter–unless you’re interested in my opinion/history–ignore me:P

        Well, that’s the luck of the female draw:) The best women usually don’t fuss about discussing age. Yet, some who do may be more intellectual or sophisticated.

        I think the fussing may be part of that apple biting from long ago. Eve and Adam fussed about being naked, and modern people–some–feel discussing it makes them old. It doesn’t necessarily make me feel old. But, it’s just one of those things I don’t care to sling around online as my mind tends to venture off into the plots of computer/robot monster movies.

        And, weight, too. What’s the big deal with that? I hate calorie counters (unless their health is really that fragile, but even then, too much fussing would drive me–who has a hyper-metabolism–batty). No woman should see mentioning her weight a big deal. After all, a person can be as slim as me but weigh more or less, depending on how much bone/muscle they carry. It’s all an illusion and relative to forces we can’t control. But, no one is going to crack your identity or arrest you for some weight figure you give (or even hair color which can be changed). But, age could help track you down.

        Hating your own curls? I hate my thin and dull color hair. And, I am not attracted to people with hair like mine, either. Or, rather, I refuse to be:P Or, so I tell myself.

        I can’t see much in that tiny box. A silly face, some sort of green camera cube and a splash of red.

        I am not sure it’s my intimidation from my “body image” that turns me from tattoos. I have been “bullied” much of my life for one reason or another. But, people get confused and may not like some messages I convey. Do I really expect them to think better of me with a tattoo they may not understand? Plus, workplaces and the media can be particularly “nosy” about such things. I don’t need any flood lights or cameras on my ink/skin.

        But, I have seen some nice tattoos.

        Looking forward to it. 🙂


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