My oldest granddaughter cut her hair a couple of years ago. Most of us that have children have been through at least one child who gave themselves a hair cut. Elisabeth swore she didn’t do it. She told her Mom her Dad snuck in her room and cut her hair. Her Mom, my oldest daughter had given herself a hair cut around the same age. I had some good chuckles with my Daughter whilst she told me Elisabeth’s story. After much crying Elisabeth finally confessed she cut her hair. “Mom, I don’t know why I cut my hair,” she said, with a wail of frustration. My daughter told me she had to bite her lip to cut off her laughter. Kids are more entertaining than any computer, TV, smart phone, or gadget. If you don’t have a young friend or child, go mentor one, connect with your kid, get them off the TV or computer, or befriend one in your family.  You will find endless entertainment.

My Dad cut my hair Mom
My Dad cut my hair Mom



3 thoughts on “ONE DRAWING A DAY – 3

  1. Reblogged this on Scratch Living and commented:
    I will finish the drawing this week, lots of smoothing out lines and erasing to add depth and contour. This “One Drawing A Day,” will make great presents. However, a drawing a day for a year, I don’t have that many friends or family. lololol


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