I will finish this drawing this week. I did a quick sketch to find Theron’s personality and make good on my one drawing a day vow. I’m drawing all my grandkids. The drawings make lovely Christmas presents. This picture is from a photo taken of Theron holding his first newly hatched chick. Theron stayed with us for the week and helped me care for over 100 chicks hatched in our incubator boxes. We gave several hens to Theron’s parents this fall. One of them is this little chick. Buff Brahmas are heritage chickens that are endangered because of factory farming practices. They are very gentle large dual purpose chickens that make very good pets and egg layers.

As you can see Theron has a bit of an impish nature.
As you can see Theron has a bit of an impish nature.

6 thoughts on “ONE DRAWING A DAY – 2

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    Off to watch a Movie with my Husband. Hope you all are having a lovely weekend! Spent most of my day getting the winter garden ready for the freezes. If I button up my greens with row covers, we will have fresh greens through the winter. Collards, kale, leeks, and chard are spendy when you buy organic. I save a ton of money taking a little extra time protecting winter greens.


    1. ahhhh, yeah, Jan said I didn’t make his little face evil enough. Like if I squeeze this chick just a little, what will it do and will I get in trouble? Do chicks squeak if you squish them? Dang, that brings back memories of when I was a kid. Oppps….its the scientific mind…yeah that’s it!


      1. He never did though. But I could tell he was thinking about it. He was very gentle and respectful to all the chickens here. Probably because he knew I would kick his scrawny butt if he tried to make one squeak like a squeaky toy. The kid is all boy with a little of his grandma 😉 He was fascinated by the process of hatching and got very excited trying to figure out which came first, the chicken or the egg. That drove his little mind crazy.

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