Anatis In Lux

I have finished the painting and I think I will stick with this title. I hate signing paintings and that’s probably why I will never sell anything. Now, a couple of drawings of faces and beginning a new painting of a horse running in water. I think I will stick myself as a kid on the horse, riding bareback with only bailing twine for a bridle. I grew up with a horse crazy mother who showed and bred Morgan horses. I started riding when I was four years old until we sold all the horses when I turned ten or eleven, maybe I was twelve, I can’t remember. I think I will tell some stories of my riding adventures and friendships with the horses along with posting pictures as I progress through the layers of the painting. That will be a fun way to blog.


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13 thoughts on “Anatis In Lux

  1. Reblogged this on Scratch Living and commented:
    I am starting some face drawings tonight and working on the layout for my next painting. My wordpress friend 7891samoth has inspired me to try and pop out a pencil drawing a day. His are really good ❤


      1. < 3 now put the symbols together ❤ Very nice to meet you and thank you Jason for bringing us together. I had to learn how to think correctly. Studying Socratic and Buddhist philosophy really helped, also meditation helped me back off, wait, watch, let go, and maybe insight will come. Insight has no words, it is symbolic many times, like most ancient art is symbolic, that's where the critical thinking skills come in handy. I mean, with self and other communication is necessary. This really reduced my stress levels. I am now learning how to communicate correctly. I'm still a baby at this, but at least I can walk now.


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