Duck To Light 8

Just highlights left and I will have finished this piece. I will get this done today. Three days behind schedule due to migraine headache and getting carried away with baking bread. Thankfully I was only down this weekend. I was getting migraines a couple of times a month for the last two years. I figured out my triggers, adjusted my diet and exercise routines, avoided useless stress triggers. Now I only get a migraine every other month. I was able to work on the painting in-between my senses going crazy. Eyes become sensitive to light, smell becomes so intense I get an upset tummy and I get dizzy. Nothing to worry about, it comes with getting old. By next year my hormones will settle settled down. Thank goodness for years of meditation. I can stand back and let the pain go instead of falling in and getting lost in the sensation.



3 thoughts on “Duck To Light 8

  1. Reblogged this on Scratch Living and commented:
    Highlights going in today and this project will be finished. Next project will be of a horse and water. Can’t wait, I grew up with horses. English Dressage all uptight and prissy and wild riding bareback with only bailing twine for a bridle.


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